Travels With My Art

A compilation of Chris's humorous and entertaining travelogues, revealing some of the pitfalls and frustrations, as well as the joy of being a professional artist. Hoping that his efforts abroad will continue to bring in a daily crust to continue supporting his family at home!

19 Jul 2010

'Dawn after rain on the Piazzetta, Venice'.

Yes I know it's a mouthful as a title, but it explains why this painting looks blustery, wet and cool! I remember going for a run before breakfast on one trip to Venice, in March. It was damp and mouldy, but quite atmospheric. I painted this view in acrylics on board, unusual for me, but as a warm-up sketch for a watercolour. I like it as it is though, and will put it in my Autumn show.

More acrylics on the way I think.

6 Jul 2010

On the fun of sketching from life.

I was in London a week or two ago, seeking inspiration for painting. It must have been the only day for weeks that was NOT sunny! But still there is something about drawing directly from life in cities that I love to do.

These are three of the sketches I came up with, along the river by the City. Straight in with a pen, and add a minimum of colour wash if I have time. I’m hoping to do some paintings from these drawings, but the most fun is always the drawing itself on the spot, even if they do turn out a bit clumsy and squiffy in places.

The challenge is to keep the freshness of the sketches in the final painting. I tend to tidy things up too much when I try to paint ‘properly’. Perhaps I should try painting left handed.


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