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7 Dec 2010

Let it Snow!

Arlington Row, Bibury in the snow.
I love painting snow, it’s so rewarding and pretty! But only from the comfort and warmth of my studio. Actually I did stand and do an drawing of the Bibury picture on the spot, but half an hour is enough. I have tried painting in the extreme cold – you put one wash of watercolour on the paper, and half an hour later it’s still wet! That’s my excuse anyway.  

Snow at The Mill, Fairford.
A well know view to local people, and a chance to indulge in painting an old Mill in the snow reflected in water. An interesting challenge in tone and colour, but the view is balanced out by the church in the distance, and it’s a very Cotswold view. This was painted a few days ago just before doing the Fairford Advent Market on Friday evening. It was -2 degrees all evening! But the painting drew a lot of interest among the residents, and I may sell it yet!

Original watercolour paintings - Including Snow Scenes of the Cotswolds.

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