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A compilation of Chris's humorous and entertaining travelogues, revealing some of the pitfalls and frustrations, as well as the joy of being a professional artist. Hoping that his efforts abroad will continue to bring in a daily crust to continue supporting his family at home!

30 May 2010

Impressions of the Cities of Umbria

Sunday 16th – Monday 24th May 2010

This was inspired by the purchase of an old book by the same name, written by Edward Hutton, and published by Methuen, in 1905, with 20 colour plates taken from original watercolours by ‘A.Pisa’.

The book was found by chance in an Oxfam shop in Highgate one Sunday morning; I was immediately taken by the spirit of the book, and in particular by the attractive watercolours. I wondered what these old cities and hilltowns are like now? And how would I paint and draw them..?

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