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5 Apr 2007

The Oldest Clock in Venice

I finished this little painting on my 50th birthday, last week; appropriately enough as it is very much to do with the passage of time.
The clock is reputedly one of the oldest in Venice, on the church of San Giacomo de Rialto, which is just behind the Rialto market. I did the pen and watercolour drawing from my sketchbook. It's only a modest little pen and ink impression, but its just the sort of thing I love to do 'on the spot'. Subjects like this just make me want to sit and draw them, and always have done.
The clock only has one hand, and the dial is 24 hour. Apparently it never worked properly when it was first built, (c.1490s?)and has never kept good time in its history. However the Venetians are very fond of it.
It may not give you the correct time of day, but it will always give you a sense of the timeless nature of Venice.

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